Here's a picture of a 2021 Texas State University graduate. Here's a picture of a 2021 Texas State University graduate. Here's a picture of a woman that I did a photshoot for.


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I gained a strong interest in photography my sophomore year of college. That was the first time I picked up my brand new Nikon D3500 and did a photoshoot. My favorite thing about taking pictures is people's reactions when I show them the end results. I used to be so afraid to take pics of others because I never knew if I did a good job or not. It's safe to say I know what I'm doing now because my friends say I'm an expert at taking photos.

In 2019, I started my own photography business called taKENbyKEN. I came up with that name because it was a play on words of my nickname which is "ken ken". In the future, I plan to have many personal studios in multiple cities. Until then, my goal is to continue perfecting my craft in any way that I can. I learned that you can find inspiration anywhere that you look.

I learned photography by simply just playing around with the settings on my camera. Most people think you have to take professional classes to learn how to take photographs. In reality, you can use resources such as YouTube to learn different techniques. I'm an extremely creative person and I love to come up with different ideas for shoots. One day I hope to be as good as a videographer as I am a photographer.